Privacy:  You consent to the collection, processing and sharing of data in accordance with the following statement. Personal data is any data that is clearly associated with a particular natural person.
Scope:  For me, Joachim Christ, the protection and confidentiality of personal data is of particular importance. I collect and process personal data only in the context of the legal provisions, id est, the valid German and European data protection law.
Personal data:  I do not collect any personal data.
Tracking data:  Technical tracking data does not provide any information about the person who visited the site and will be deleted after the session ends.
Cookies:    This site does not use any cookies.
Newsletter:    I do not send any newsletters.
Third parties:  I do not transfer or pass on data to third parties.
In particular, I take care that the contact data entrusted to me are not read out nor transmitted to third parties or compared with their data.
Your rights:  Of course, you have rights in relation to the collection of your data.
The use of the following rights is free of charge for you:
  • Consent
  • Withdrawal
  • Information
  • Correction, deletion or blocking
  • Complaint
  • Data transfer
To exercise these rights, please contact me.
Responsible person:    For any request regarding data protection, please contact the following address:
  Joachim Christ
Albert-Einstein-Ring 37
DE-95448 Bayreuth
Disclaimer:  I, Joachim Christ, reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.
  Last update: September 2023.